Roses is an essentially Mediterranean town with a notable tourist and seafaring tradition. It is situated in a unique natural setting, at the north of the Costa Brava, less than 30 kilometres from the border with France, 65 kilometres from Girona and 160 kilometres from Barcelona.

Its origins go back to the 8th century BC with the arrival of the Rhodians and the foundation of the Greek city of Rhodes. These historical events have become the marks of identity of a modern, culturally active and generous town born of a peaceful co-existence with other peoples and civilizations in which we find a source of pride and satisfaction.

Roses is a town full of delights and new sensations awaiting your discovery, as did the earliest settlers over 3,000 years ago; a place in which the enjoyment of nature, culture and traditions is a privilege available to all.

Roses will seduce you with its beautiful sunsets, the amiable and hospitable nature of its people, its historical legacy, the range of tourist, sports and gastronomic facilities, the professionalism of the services on offer and the infinite leisure and relaxation potential, then we will have achieved our objective.

For lovers of nature, the Cap de Creus (with a total area of 13,886 ha.) Becomes the first and largest park Maritime Catalonia.

The area of Cap de Creus has a high floristic diversity, featuring endemic species such as stout or sèseli El Limon although we must not forget the presence of the pillow lleterassa tree species attractive nun or underwater.

The beautiful coast of Roses is characterized by offering visitors a spectacle of sharp contrasts. The cliffs, secluded coves with their crystal clear waters and its shallow sandy beaches, are ideal for both families and enthusiasts to practice all kinds of sports.

The beaches of Roses possess certificate of environmental quality with international recognition.

Roses is a town which is lively all the year round. It has a very varied range of activities and attractions for all kinds of travellers. Drive a go-kart, enjoy a day in the water park, play mini-golf, sail on a cruise boat to the Cap de Creus or ride on the tourist train: these are just a few of the possibilities that Roses offers you for spending your leisure hours.

The Roses cuisine is notable for its variety of typically Mediterranean products. The cuisine is traditionally made but select in choice of products, being based on fresh fish from Roses bay.

Roses’ gastronomic speciality par excellence is suquet de peix (fish and shellfish soup-stew), the essence of this fishing town.

We usually find a wealth of plant and animal species typical of rocky and sandy seabed. The numerous crevices and caves that make up the seabed, give shelter to many species that lend these funds from a life unsurpassed.

Roses’s rich heritage can also be enjoyed on the table. The Roses cuisine is characterized by its wide variety of premium products typically Mediterranean. The cuisine is traditionally made but select in their products. It is prized by diners experts on fresh fish from the Bay of Roses star became the specialty of the local cuisine suquet fish cookery true essence of this fishing village.

This symbiosis of land and sea are at the heart of the Costa Brava, making it a divine space for those who can enjoy. We invite you to navigate through a town full of charm.


Services into environment

  • Scubadiving
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Information office at 50m.
  • Natural Park
  • Rafting/Canoeing
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Bike renting
  • Moto renting
  • Nudist beach
  • Tours 4×4
  • Water Activities