The Best Activities to Do in Roses: Discover the Camí de Ronda

Roses is an incredible destination with spectacular landscapes, a vibrant culture, and exciting activities. If you stay at Camping Joncar Mar, you’ll have direct access to some of the best activities this beautiful area of the Costa Brava has to offer. One of the most recommended experiences is a hike along the famous Camí de Ronda. This coastal route offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and allows you to discover hidden coves and magical corners of the Roses coast.

Discover the Camí de Ronda in Roses

What is the Camí de Ronda?

The Camí de Ronda is an ancient route that was used to connect the different fishing villages and to patrol the coast against pirates. Today, this route is very popular among hiking and nature enthusiasts due to its spectacular views and proximity to the coast.

Recommended Route: Castell de la Trinitat to Cala Jóncols One of the most impressive routes on the Camí de Ronda is the stretch from Castell de la Trinitat to Cala Jóncols. This itinerary will take you through varied landscapes, from cliffs with sea views to secluded coves surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.

Points of Interest

  • Castell de la Trinitat: This 16th-century fortress offers incredible panoramic views of the Bay of Roses. It is a perfect place to start your hike and enjoy the local history.
  • Cala Montjoi: A beautiful cove famous for once hosting the El Bulli restaurant. It is an ideal place to stop, relax, and enjoy the crystal-clear water.
  • Cap Norfeu: This promontory offers some of the best views of the entire Costa Brava. It is an excellent spot for taking photos and admiring the natural beauty of the region.
  • Cala Jóncols: Your final destination, a peaceful and secluded cove, perfect for ending the hike with a refreshing swim.

Descobreix el Camí de Ronda de Roses

Tips for the Camí de Ronda

  • Appropriate Gear: Wear comfortable and suitable footwear for hiking. The terrain can be rocky and uneven in some sections.
  • Hydration and Food: Make sure to bring enough water and some energy snacks, especially if you plan to hike in the summer.
  • Sun Protection: Use sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Map and Information: Bring a map or a hiking app with the route downloaded. Although the path is well-marked, it’s always good to have a reference.

Other Activities in Roses

Besides hiking along the Camí de Ronda, there are many other activities you can enjoy in Roses while staying at Camping Joncar Mar:

  • Roses Express Cultural Tourist Train: Explore Roses and its surroundings comfortably with this tourist train.
  • Roses – Cadaqués MTB Route: A mountain biking adventure that will take you through spectacular landscapes.
  • Sent la Badia – Wellness Experiences: Wellness activities such as sensory yoga and vital energy workshops, perfect for relaxing and connecting with nature.

Come to Camping Joncar Mar

Camping Joncar Mar is the perfect base to explore all these activities and much more. With spacious pitches, comfortable bungalows, and all the amenities you need, it is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation in Roses.

Book now and get ready to discover all the wonders that Roses has to offer.