Health treatments:

It consists in the diversity of therapies to relief the pain, improved with circulation and prevents injuries.


Therapeutic massage

(30 min or 1 hour) Improves the circulatory function, mobility gets damaged tissues, relieves the pain and reduces and optimizes the sensory awareness, provides relaxation and wellbeing…
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Circulatory massage legs

(30 min) Activates blood flow, favoring the elimination of toxins and gives a feeling of wellbeing and light legs.
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Relaxing massage

Soft and slow techniques that relax the muscles and helps to restore or maintain balance psychophysical.
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Foot reflexology

(45 min) It is a therapy that is performed by specific massage techniques and pressure applied to reflex the points of the feets, releasing tension, improves the blood circulation and has a direct action on organs reflexology, releasing energy block-ages .…
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(30 min) craniofacial massage is relaxation therapy and anti-stress. This is the area of ​​the face, neck, shoulders, neck and head, is very relaxing.
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Facial Treatments:

The beauty treatments in the specific area of the face but covers the area of the neck, bust, shoulders and arms. You can choose according to the effect you want, they are very relaxing.


Facial treatment bio-fruit

Get pineapple properties (moisturizing and protective) and papaya (regenerating), which help prevent wrinkles. Suitable to achieve…
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Anti-aging facial treatment

Suitable for mature skin or damaged by external factors, has properties of seaweed, is revitalizing and drain the aging process.
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Facial softness

Decongestant and soothing treatment. Suitable for sensitive skin irritants easily, has a high content of micronutrients required…
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Body Treatments:

Different treatments are beneficial for the body to release stress and feel a complete physical and mental health.


Body peeling Hydration:

Peeling mixing different oils with sea salt or calcium salt and green tea with descaling action that produces skin exfoliation and ends with intensive moisturizing treatment for the body, after…skin!
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Wrapping Marine Muds

Discover the freshness full body wrap with algae and find firming and moisturizing benefits.
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Program chocolate

Enjoy a 100% natural chocolate wrap and feel a sense of absolute wellbeing. Take your sweet time!
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