Motorhome services at the campsite: what you need to know

If you are looking for a motorhome area on the Costa Brava , this is the ideal guide. It’s no secret that motorhomes have become one of the best means of transport for a family holiday. Then we invite you to pay attention to all the details we have for you.

The best motorhome area in Roses

A motorhome area on the Costa Brava is one of the best locations to spend unparalleled moments. In fact, its attractions are unmatched, making the whole family enjoy it to the fullest. You don’t have to travel the world to have a fabulous vacation.

Enjoying a short trip with a camper van is a rewarding experience. If you want to spend the night with a motorhome in Roses, this alternative is perfect and you will never regret it.

Keep in mind the following details that will surely convince you to visit us as soon as possible.

The best location

The location of our motorhome parking on the Costa Brava is unbeatable, as it is completely close to the beach . Only 50 meters away you can enjoy a beautiful sea view. It is a beach that is characterized by its great beauty and really fine sand.

On the other hand, imagine its palm trees and the beautiful sky, just like the sound of the waves of the sea. Without a doubt, it is a place of great beauty to go camping with family or friends. Likewise, everything is within the town of Roses, where you will simply take a minute’s walk from the center to get there.

Facilities and services

Joncar Mar is located in a beautiful location within the town of Roses. Its terrain is flat, with plenty of shade, so you can enjoy the best services we offer.

Our campsite has the necessary services and facilities to make your stay completely comfortable. The purpose is to make the holidays unforgettable, enjoying nature in its entirety. In reality, you won’t miss anything.

On the other hand, we provide complete shower and personal hygiene services.

The best accommodation

Our camping motorhome services provide ideal accommodation. In this way, everything will be adapted to your needs and those of your companions, so that the days become spectacular. Joncar Mar ‘s goal is for its visitors to be completely satisfied, and you are no exception.

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Motorhome parking Costa Brava / Roses without the risk of Covid-19

We are living in a very critical time, where the coronavirus has prevented the family from enjoying tourism. However, if you want to spend the night in a motorhome on the Costa Brava , there is no problem. We prepare our facilities to maintain the greatest possible sanitation.

Therefore, we have drawn up a safety protocol to avoid the risk of community contagion. At the same time, all our workers have the necessary measures to ensure that your stay is completely healthy. In this way, the holidays will not be negatively affected by the spread of the coronavirus.

Why visit the motorhome area in Roses?

There are several places in the country where motorhome services can be enjoyed. However, our facilities are sensational, making them much more attractive than other options. You may be wondering why you should choose us over any other company.

Well, first of all, we highlight our excellent location, as we mentioned above. On the other hand, we have services to make the visit as pleasant as possible. From supermarket to restaurant, remembering the activities for the little ones in the house.

Surveillance and security

All your belongings will be protected in the most secure way possible. We have a fully qualified surveillance staff to prevent theft and accidents. Similarly, our motorhomes are impenetrable from the outside, unless the keys are present.

These are fundamental aspects when spending the night in a motorhome on the Costa Brava / Roses . You will be able to spend the night without any fear for you or your family members.

The best reception

All our customers will enjoy a close and quality reception. We want to look after the well-being of our visitors, so that they feel like a second home. In addition, we provide customer service 12 hours a day to address any concerns you may have.

Shaded plots

One of the main criteria when choosing a place to park motorhomes in Roses is comfort. And this is one of the main characteristics of our pitches, as they have exquisite shade to spend the day. That way you won’t suffer unnecessary burns from the sun’s rays.

Affordable prices

Our motorhome area in Roses has a completely accessible price. You will be surprised at how economical it is to spend a holiday with the family in a motorhome. Likewise, prices are even lower in low season.

We don’t want vacations to be possible only for a certain group of people. In reality, our wish is that every family has the opportunity to live dream days.

Open all year

Our motorhome area on the Costa Brava is open every day of the year. And each family will have different needs and different days off. Therefore, our goal is to be available to you just when you need it.

Not even the coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from continuing to offer our services. Of course, the necessary safety measures must be taken to avoid contagion.

Enjoy the motorhome parking in Roses

Our services for motorhomes at the campsite are unparalleled and will make you live very pleasant moments. In short, if you want your family vacation to be unforgettable, camping with motorhomes is one of the best options.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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