Camping Car Roses

Camping Car parking in Roses – Costa Brava

To spend the night in a motorhome in Costa Brava / Roses, it is important to choose a site with good services. It is the goal of Joncar Mar, a company that seeks to make your vacations totally unbeatable. Therefore, we invite you to pay attention to everything that you will find in our facilities.

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Parking for motorhomes in Roses

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We have a motorhome area in Roses really spectacularfor you and your family. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful places in the region, characterized by having great beauty. First of all, we are located within the town of Roses, near the beach, just 50 meters away, a site that you can access on foot in a matter of minutes.

We offer complete services with showers, surveillance, security and excellent customer service. Our plots have a good shade to spend pleasant moments. In addition, we must not forget our excellent prices, especially if you visit us in low season.

Every day of the year we are open, with the purpose of making you spend a dream vacation.

Why choose Joncar Mar for camping?

Apart from our excellent location, we have other tourist attractions really sensational. In this way, you will enjoy not only the sea view and the Mediterranean climate, but also the best moments with your family.

Practically, we have everything that is necessary to have a comfortable and rewarding stay. Next, we leave a brief list with everything you will find.


servicios autocaravanas - supermercado - camping joncar mar

Our supermarket stands out for offering you whatever is required to spend your holidays. In this way, they can be used to the maximum, having everything necessary for consumption. From cakes to fresh products, through drinks and delicacies.

Actually, you will not need the city at all, since you can buy everything in the supermarket in the area.


When spending the night in a motorhome in Roses, many families decide to eat in a restaurant. And none better than the Camping Restaurant, our favorite place. In this restaurant you can enjoy local products and typical foods, as well as first class dishes.

It is open every day, except for holidays, with very low prices and high quality products.

servicios autocaravanas - piscina - camping joncar marPool

Our motorhome area in Costa Brava / Roses has a spectacular pool. You will not always want to go to the beach, but rather to take a more relaxing bath. Likewise, you may still want to enjoy the water after coming from the sea, and nothing better than that than our summer pool.

Children’s area

Holidays would not be the same if the little ones in the home did not enjoy them as they should. Many parents even seek entertainment for their children first, and even dedicate vacations exclusively to them. If this is your case, you will be pleased to know that we have a children’s area designed for the fun of the spoiled at home.

For example, crafts will always be attractive to little ones. Therefore, we carry out these activities for children between the ages of 4 and 12, every day except for Sundays.

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Services for motorhomes at the campsite with spa

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Another service for motorhomes at the campsite that you will find with our company is the SPA. Just as there is a dedicated area for children, adults can also enjoy maximum relaxation. This provides physiotherapy and wellness services.

Among the most outstanding are the relaxing steam baths with therapeutic properties. Also, the Jacuzzi is ideal to relieve joint and muscle pain. You can also request massages to relieve pain and improve circulation.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to receive personalized treatments from physiotherapy to rehabilitate injuries and pathologies. Without a doubt, we always think about your health. And speaking about health, we must analyze another important issue.

Motorhome area in Costa Brava / Roses without coronavirus risks

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to provide our services to all types of customers. However, we always think about your health and we care about the well-being of your family. For this reason, our security and protection protocols must be followed at all times to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

It is important to note that we have received advice from the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain. As a consequence, we are prepared to offer you highly sanitary services, personnel and facilities.

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What to take into account during your stay

Practically all the basic suggestions provided by themust be followed World Health Organization. Use masks, hand gel, face shields and all kinds of protection. Similarly, it is essential that you follow the instructions you receive from our staff.

Avoid physical contact greetings, use garbage cans, and wash your hands regularly. In the same way, the safety distance and all the regulations of our facilities must be respected. It is what is going to guarantee that your vacations are healthy and do not present inconveniences.

It’s time to park a motorhome in Roses

If you want to spend the night in a motorhome in Costa Brava, this is the best location. In our facilities you can enjoy sports, boat rentals, water activities, beaches and gastronomy. For nature lovers, the Costa Brava is a must see.

Of course, nothing better than having a motorhome area in Roses. In short, contact us and we will be happy to give you our help so that you can enjoy unbeatable days. You will not regret it, rather you will remember your vacation for the rest of your life.